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Hi there! I'm Lauren!


A creative soul from the eastern shoreline, I call the mountains of Salt Lake City home. 

I birthed my son, August, at a birth center in November of 2020. I call August's birth my metamorphosis. I remember the cool fall day, the bright sky, the smell of the leaves as my doula lead me to our car. I remember feeling my midwife's hand on mine, her gentle encouragement. I remember my husband always within an arms reach, he never left my side. He brushed the hair out of my face, and whispered words of inspiration that only he knew. I remember going inwards and digging deeper than I ever have before, for anything. August was born as the sun exchanged its role with the moon, literally at sunset. The moon helped me bring him earth side, hence La Luna Birth. 

I’m an open minded visionary, a birth worker (trained doula), a birth advocate, a photographer and videographer who documents the peacefully intense, empowering, humbling, grounding, beautiful, momentous event of childbirth. When you hire me, you are assuring that your space be kept sacred, respected, and honored; as my approach is gentle, genuine, and heartfelt. 


I provide fully edited images in both color and black and white within 3 weeks of your birth. Should you purchase a package with a video, the video will be included in the 3 week turnout time as well. My images are high definition, and I work endlessly to give you the sharpest photos possible; even if your birth is in the dark of night. I do use flash to provide the clarity of my images, and many birthing people who I have worked with have said they don't even notice the flash. 


My battle call is for all birthing people to have their own metamorphosis.  I would love to document yours as you bring your babe earth-side. 

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Big love, 


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